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Bulk Rice Metal Foreign Object Food Metal Detector with Flip Rejection Function

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Product Introduction

Bulk Rice Metal Foreign Object Food Metal Detector designed to identify the presence of metal objects in various materials.Metal Detector with Flip Rejection Function are commonly used in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, mining, and recycling, where the detection of metal contaminants in bulk materials is crucial for quality control and safety.

Metal Detector with Flip Rejection Function

Technical Parameters

Detection sensitivity: in empty state
H-100mm: Fe≥Φ0.8mm, Non-Fe≥Φ1.5mm, SUS≥Φ1.5mm
H-120mm: Fe≥Φ0.8mm, Non-Fe≥Φ1.5mm, SUS≥Φ2.0mm
H-150mm: Fe≥Φ1.0mm, Non-Fe≥Φ1.5mm, SUS≥Φ2.0mm
H-200mm: Fe≥Φ1.2mm, Non-Fe≥Φ2.0mm, SUS≥Φ2.5mm
Effective detection hole width: 150-1000mm customized according to requirements
Effective detection hole height: 80-500mm customized according to requirements
Maximum speed of conveyor belt: 25m/min
Conveyor belt material: food grade PU belt
Protection class: IP65
Display and operation mode: LED falt key input
Machine weight: about 120kg
Power requirements: AC220V 50HZ
Power: 200W
Alarm mode: metal detection, alarm belt stop or automatic removal
Dimensions: about L1500×W850×H950mm

Bulk Rice Metal Foreign Object Food Metal Detector

Main Features

1. Brand new circuit design, high sensitivity and high reliability.
2. Excellent anti-interference performance.
3. Technology for adjusting the property parameters of detected substances.
4. Stainless steel probe and frame (optional), clean and beautiful.
5. It has a good human-computer dialogue interface.
6. The electrical appliances are powered by advanced switching power supply, which can adapt to the voltage of various countries around the world.

Food Metal Detector


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Package & Shipping

Q1: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
A: We are the manufacturer. We have a professional factory in Guangdong, China, producing various packaging machines, automatic metal detectors, dynamic checkweighers, automatic weighing and labeling machines, etc.
Q2. Do you sell the accessories of the product?
Answer: Yes. We can provide spare parts for customers who have problems with the minimum cost.
Q3. How about the product packaging? Is it easy to damage during transportation?
A: We are packaged with a plywood box, which is enough for transportation.
Q4. What is your after -sales policy?
Answer: Customer first is our principle. All of our products have a 12 -month warranty period. We provide necessary video guidance for daily issues. If the machine encounters a lot of problems, our technical engineers can support overseas services.
Q5. Do you accept the customer logo and customization?
A: We support a variety of ODM/OEM. If you have this need, please contact us at any time to customize the suitable machine.

After Sale Service

A. Pre -sale:
1. In accordance with the customer’s requirements, the customer quotes the customer, and the customer has special requirements for timely recording feedback;
2. Sign a standardized product order contract, clarify responsibilities and other related matters;
3. Provide free warranty for one year, lifelong maintenance service, and be responsible for debugging the product before delivery;
B. After -sales:
1. If the customer’s product fails, the problem will be solved for you as soon as possible
2. During the warranty period, the product maintenance is free. It exceeds the warranty period and can also provide maintenance. If the accessories are replaced, the product accessories are provided at the cost price.

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