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What to Consider When Purchasing Automatic Checkweighers?

90 Read Updated:2023-11-07

As production companies have become more and more strict on product quality, they have put forward higher standards for automatic checkweighers. Currently, there are many manufacturers of automatic checkweighers on the market. For companies that plan to purchase automatic weighing machines, which ones? What details should you pay attention to?

1.Choose reliable physical production companies
There are many manufacturers of automatic checkweighers on the market, but the quality of the equipment varies. You can choose a reliable physical production company from detailed information such as the company’s production strength, technical capabilities, technical team, patent certificate, product quality, etc. Good companies have strict standards and requirements in terms of technology, production, and after-sales details. Shanghai Shiqian Industrial Co., Ltd. is the source manufacturer of checkweighers and metal inspection machines. It has no middlemen and is economical. It is a good choice for you to purchase checkweighers.
2. Accuracy of Automatic Checkweigher
In the process of inspecting the quality of automatic checkweighers, the accuracy of automatic scales is a very important part for purchasing companies. Taking the checkweigher of Shanghai Shiqian Industrial Co., Ltd. as an example, the sorting accuracy is different depending on the model. The best accuracy can reach 0.5mg. It is a capsule checkweigher, a fast and high-precision weighing equipment. . Only by understanding the detection accuracy of the equipment can you choose a suitable automatic weighing scale.
3. Function configuration of automatic weighing equipment
In addition to real-time weighing and rejecting unqualified products, the automatic checkweigher also needs to see whether it has other functions. For example, can filling machines and packaging machines achieve data linkage? Is there feedback control to improve product quality and optimize production processes? Data recording, traceability management, multi-functional configuration, and three-level authority management meet the diverse needs of enterprises.
4.Training and after-sales service
After a good company has improved its after-sales service, it will be responsible for the training of the equipment and provide good after-sales service during the warranty period. Once an emergency problem occurs with one of the equipment, the supplier will promptly respond to provide relevant repairs, so users can purchase the product Be more careful.


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