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What Should You Consider When Choosing Metal Detectors?

47 Read Updated:2024-04-01

Choosing a metal detector that suits oneself requires considering multiple factors:
1. Sensitivity inspection: Different types and brands of metal probes have different sensitivities. Choose the sensitivity that is suitable for use on your production line according to actual needs;
2. Scope of application: The scope of application varies for different types and brands of machinery, and needs to be selected according to the actual needs of the enterprise;
3. Easy to operate: Easy to learn and understand operation is essential for employees to quickly get started with the operation;
4. Maintenance and upkeep: The length of the maintenance and upkeep cycle is also one of the factors to consider;
5. After-sales service: The quality of after-sales service is directly related to the effectiveness of enterprise use and the efficiency of solving maintenance problems in the later stage.

Metal Detectors

To ensure long-term stable operation and accurate and reliable performance, we need to pay attention to the following points:
1. Regularly clean the surface of the probe: Impurities accumulated on the surface of the probe can affect its sensitivity.
2. Regular replacement of parts: replace parts according to the recommended replacement cycle provided by the manufacturer.
3. Regular verification and adjustment: Verify and adjust sensitivity parameters at least once a year.
4. Proper storage and transportation: Avoid exposure to sunlight or damage from tearing and collision.

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