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What is the Core Technology of Food Metal Detector?

65 Read Updated:2024-03-09

The core technology of Food Metal Detector mainly includes the following aspects:
1. DDS frequency synthesis and DSP digital signal processing: DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) frequency synthesis technology enables metal detectors to generate highly stable and accurate detection signals, and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) digital signal processing is responsible for processing these signals to Identify and differentiate between metallic impurities and the food itself.

Food Metal Detector
2. Advanced detection technology: Food metal detectors use advanced detection technology, such as electromagnetic induction or X-rays, to detect metal impurities in food. These technologies can accurately and quickly detect the presence and location of metal impurities.
3. Intelligent identification technology: Many modern food metal detectors are also equipped with intelligent identification technology, such as machine learning or artificial intelligence algorithms. These technologies enable the metal detector to automatically identify and remember product characteristics, effectively eliminating various “products” The interference caused by “effect” further improves the accuracy and stability of detection.
4. Reliable data storage and management: Food metal detectors are usually equipped with reliable data storage and management systems, which can store and record detection data to facilitate subsequent traceability and analysis.
The combination of these core technologies enables food metal detectors to play an important role in food production lines to ensure food safety and quality.

Food Metal Detector

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