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What is a Check Weigher and Labeling Machine Combo?

65 Read Updated:2024-01-25

Check Weigher and Labeling Machine Combo is a type of integrated system that combines the functions of a check weigher and a labeling machine into a single unit.This equipment is commonly used in industries where it is essential to both weigh products accurately and apply labels with relevant information,such as weight,barcode,and product details.The combination of these two functions in a single machine streamlines the production process and enhances efficiency.

Check Weigher and Labeling Machine Combo
Here’s an overview of how a Check Weigher and Labeling Machine Combo typically works:
Product Feeding:
Products move along a conveyor belt into the integrated system.
Weighing System:
The check weigher component of the machine measures the weight of each individual product. This ensures that products meet the specified weight criteria.
Weight Comparison:
The measured weight is compared to the target weight set for each product. If a product falls outside the acceptable weight range, it is flagged for further action.
Labeling System:
Products that pass the weight check move to the labeling station. The labeling machine component of the system prints and applies labels containing relevant information such as product name, weight, barcode, and any other required details.
Application of Labels:
Labels are automatically applied to the products. Various labeling methods, including pressure-sensitive labeling or adhesive methods, may be employed.
Sorting and Reject Mechanism:
If a product is found to be under or overweight, a reject mechanism may be activated to divert the non-compliant product for further inspection or correction.
Data Logging and Reporting:
Many Check Weigher and Labeling Machine Combos are equipped with data logging systems that record information on product weights, label application, and any rejected products. This data can be used for quality control and compliance reporting.
Benefits of a Check Weigher and Labeling Machine Combo:
Integration: Combining weighing and labeling functions in a single machine streamlines the production process and saves space on the production floor.
Efficiency: The automated system improves overall production efficiency by eliminating the need for separate weighing and labeling steps.
Accuracy: Provides precise weight measurements and ensures accurate label application.
Quality Control: Helps maintain product quality by identifying and rejecting products that do not meet weight specifications.
Data Management: Integrated data logging systems facilitate record-keeping and reporting for quality control purposes.

Check Weigher and Labeling Machine Combo
When selecting a Check Weigher and Labeling Machine Combo, considerations include the specific requirements of the industry, the types of products being processed, and any regulatory standards that must be met. Regular maintenance and calibration are crucial to ensure the continued accuracy and efficiency of the integrated system.

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