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SG-T300 Automatic Weigh Labeler for Large Packaged Carton Pork / Beef

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Product Summarize

SG-T300 Automatic Weigh Labeler for Large Packaged Carton Pork / Beef, also known as a weigh labeling machine or a weigh-price labeling system, is a type of equipment used in various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, and logistics, to weigh products and apply labels with accurate weight information.Welcome to consult for quotation information!

Weigh Labeler for Large Packaged Carton Pork / Beef
Product Parameter

Model: SG-T300
Weighing range: 5-3000g
Product restrictions: L: 350 W: 300 H: above 3mm
Sorting accuracy: ±0.3-0.5g (depend om products)
Sorting value: 0.1g
Belt speed: 0-30m/min
Maximum speed: 30pcs/min
Belt width: 300mm
Printing method: Heat transfer printing or direct heating printing
Printing specifications: maximum printing width 104mm
Machine weight: 200kg
Power supply: AC 220V±10% 50HZ
Power: 300W
Main material: SUS304 stainless steel

Product Characteristics

1. Weighing System:
The machine is equipped with a precise weighing system that accurately measures the weight of individual products. This can involve the use of load cells or other technologies to ensure high accuracy.
2. Labeling Unit:
A labeling unit is integrated into the machine to apply labels containing weight information directly onto the products. This labeling process often occurs in real-time as products move through the machine.
3. Automatic Adjustment:
The machine may have automatic adjustment capabilities to accommodate variations in product size and weight. This is important for handling different types of products within a production line.
4. High-Speed Operation:
Many weight labeling machines are designed for high-speed operation to keep up with the pace of modern production lines. This is especially important in industries where large quantities of products need to be labeled quickly.
5. Touchscreen Interface:
A user-friendly touchscreen interface is often incorporated into the machine, allowing operators to easily set parameters, monitor the labeling process, and make adjustments as needed.
6. Versatility:
Weight labeling machines are often versatile and can handle a variety of packaging types, shapes, and sizes. They may be suitable for labeling individual items, trays, or packages.

SG-T300 Automatic Weigh Labeler
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