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SG-220U Automatic Food Industrial Bagged Potato Chip Cashew Check Weigher

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Product Summarize

SG-220U Automatic Food Industrial Check Weigher is a machine used in the food packaging industry to ensure that the weight of individual bags of potato chips meets certain specifications. This is important for quality control.By employing Bagged Potato Chip Cashew Check Weigher, manufacturers can enhance the quality and consistency of their products while meeting regulatory requirements. It’s a critical component in the production process to ensure that consumers receive the correct weight of product in each package.Welcome to consult for quotation information!

Bagged Potato Chip Cashew Check Weigher
Product Parameter

Weighing Range:5-1500g
Limited of product:L: 300 W:220 H: 3-200mm
Accuracy:±0.2g Depends on product
Division Scale:0.1g
Belt Speed 0- 60m/min
Max Speed 100 pcs/min
Belt Width:220mm
Machine Weight:65kg
Power Supply:AC 220V 50HZ
Main Material:SUS304 stainless steel

Food Industrial Check Weigher
Product Characteristics

1.Conveyor Belt:
The bags of potato chips are placed on a conveyor belt, which moves them along to the checkweigher.
2.Weighing Mechanism:
As each bag passes through the checkweigher, the machine uses a weighing mechanism to measure its weight.
3.Comparison with Set Standards:
The measured weight is then compared to a predefined target weight or weight range that is considered acceptable for that particular product.
4.Sorting or Rejecting:
If a bag is found to be outside the acceptable weight range, the checkweigher triggers a mechanism to either sort the bag for further inspection or reject it from the production line. This helps to ensure that only bags with the correct weight reach the consumer.
5.Data Logging:
Some advanced checkweighers are equipped with data logging capabilities, which record information about each bag’s weight.
6.Integration with Packaging Line:
Checkweighers are often integrated into the packaging line, working seamlessly with other equipment such as baggers and sealers. This automation helps maintain efficiency and accuracy in the packaging process.

SG-220U Automatic Check Weigher
Specific Application

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After Sale Service

1.Product quality commitment
(1).There are quality records and testing data for the manufacture and testing of products.
(2).For the inspection of product performance,we sincerely invite users to inspect the whole process and performance of the product in person.After the product is confirmed to be qualified,it will be packaged and shipped.
2.the product price commitment
Under the same competitive conditions, our company will sincerely provide you with a preferential price on the basis of not reducing the technical performance of the product or changing the product components.
3. Delivery time commitment
Product delivery time: as far as possible according to user requirements,if there are special requirements, it needs to be completed in advance,and strive to meet user needs.

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