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Packaged Vegetables Conveyor Metal Detector Machine

4 Read Updated:2024-06-11

Food processing industry uses industrial Metal Detectors to ensure the safety and quality of food products, including vegetables.Metal detectors are designed to detect and remove any metal contaminants that may be present in food.

Metal contamination can occur in vegetables for a variety of reasons, such as:
From farming equipment
During processing and packaging
Metal contaminants in food can be a serious health hazard. They can cause injuries to consumers,such as chipped teeth or mouth lacerations. Metal contaminants can also damage processing equipment.

Conveyor Metal Detector Machine

Industrial metal detectors use electromagnetic fields to detect metal. When a metal object passes through the detector’s field, it creates an eddy current that is detected by the machine. The detector then triggers an alarm or rejects the contaminated product.
Industrial metal detectors can be used in a variety of food processing applications, including:
Conveyorized metal detectors are used to inspect food products as they move along a conveyor belt.

Conveyor Metal Detector Machine

Gravity-Fed Metal Detectors are used to inspect free-falling products, such as nuts and seeds.

Gravity-Fed Metal Detector

The use of industrial metal detectors is an important part of ensuring the safety and quality of food products.


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