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Online Dynamic Combined Metal Detector with Check Weigher

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Product Summarize

Online Dynamic Combined Metal Detector with Check Weigher is a specialized piece of equipment used in various industries, particularly in food processing and packaging. These devices are designed to perform two essential functions: detecting metal contaminants in products and ensuring accurate product weights during the packaging process.Welcome to consult for quotation information!

Online Dynamic Combined Metal Detector with Check Weigher
Product Parameter

Model: SG-JS150
Detection hole width: 150mm
Detection hole height: 100-200mm
Detection sensitivity:
H-100mm: Fe≥Φ0.8mm,SUS≥Φ1.2mm
H-120mm: Fe≥Φ0.8mm,SUS≥Φ1.8mm
H-150mm: Fe≥Φ1.2mm,SUS≥Φ2.0mm
H-200mm: Fe≥Φ1.5mm,SUS≥Φ2.5mm
Effective detection hole width: 150mm
Effective detection hole height: 100-200mm
Weighing range: 5-500g
Weighing accuracy: ±0.1g(Depends on products)
Conveyor belt height: 750mm (±50mm)
Conveying capacity: 10Kg/time
Delivery direction: from left to right
Maximum speed of conveyor belt: 25m/min
Conveyor belt material: food grade PU belt
Protection class: IP65
Display and operation mode: LED LCD flat button input
Machine weight: 240kg
Power requirements: AC220V 50HZ
Power: 300W
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Online Dynamic Combined Metal Detector with Check Weigher
Product Characteristics

1.It has an ingenious structure, takes up less space, is easy to connect to the production line, has high detection sensitivity and is easy to operate. It can save production line space to the maximum extent and achieve more quality control.
2.Advanced technology, applying the latest multi-frequency detection technology, automatic material effect elimination technology, automatic balancing technology, and adaptive adjustment technology, bringing the equipment the simplest operation, the best environmental suitability and stability in the industry.
3.All stainless steel shock-absorbing structure design and manufacture, to ensure long-term stability and service life.
4.Can record detection parameters suitable for 100 different products, avoiding detection errors due to manual differences and avoiding downtime for product replacement.
5.The low-power design and fully sealed design ensure the protection effect with the body structure, reaching the IP65 protection level and a service life of more than 15 years.

Online Dynamic Combined Metal Detector with Check Weigher
Specific Application

Food Industry: Ensuring food safety by detecting metal contaminants and meeting regulatory requirements for accurate labeling of product weights.
Pharmaceuticals: Ensuring the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products by detecting metal contaminants and verifying accurate dosages.
Packaging Industry: Verifying the weight of packaged products and detecting any metal contaminants before they reach consumers.

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1.Before packaged, the machines will be tested strictly to guarantee the stability and high accuracy.
2.After tested, the machines will be wrapped with plastic sheet and carefully packed in wooden cases.
Packing Detail:
1.Each Machine with plastic film package first, then placed in a wooden case, wooden case with a foam filling.
2.We loaded the truck with heavy trucks for loading the cargo to the harbor terminal.At the dock we pack the goods in containers and ship them abroad.

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