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Multi-Conveyor Line Weight Checker-Improve Weighing Speed

23 Read Updated:2024-05-13

All of the in-motion weighing machines available at Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. can be configured with multiple conveyors. When you can place multi-lane conveyors side-by-side, you can increase your production speed without decreasing accuracy or repeatability.When you invest in Multi-lane Weight Checker,you can benefit from the efficiency and accuracy required to inspect your products thoroughly.

Multi-Conveyor Line Weight Checker

1. Suitable for multi-row simultaneous automatic weight detection of small packaged products such as food, medicine, daily necessities, etc.
2. Greatly improve the detection speed per unit time.
3. Effectively prevent empty packages, underweight, overweight and other defective products.
4. The passed products are counted, and the unqualified products are automatically removed by the sorting device.
5. Can be matched with multi-row packaging machines, automatic filling machines, metal detectors, etc.
6. Customized according to on-site production line requirements.
7. The number of detection columns can be customized according to customer needs (such as double columns, four columns, six columns, ten columns, etc.).

Multi-Conveyor Line Weight Checker

Multi-Conveyor Line Weight Checker

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