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Intelligent High-Sensitivity High-Reliability Touch Screen Metal Detector Machine

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Product Summarize

Intelligent High-Sensitivity Metal Detector Machine adopts a dual-circuit circuit design and a 7-inch large full-color LCD touch screen, making it more convenient to operate.High-Reliability Touch Screen Metal Detector Machine can detect iron and non-ferrous metals, the sensitivity can be adjusted separately, and it has a memory function that can preset a variety of detection substances.Welcome to consult for quotation information!

Product Parameter

◆Detection window height: 120㎜. (Regular sizes: 100/120/150/200mm, other heights can be customized as required. The higher the window height, the lower the sensitivity accordingly.)
◆Detection window width: 300-500㎜.
◆Body material: Made entirely of stainless steel.
◆Sensitivity: Iron ball φ0.8㎜-φ2.5㎜
◆Stainless steel 304 type copper and aluminum and other non-ferromagnetic metals ≥φ1.2㎜.
◆Power supply: 220V 50Hz.
◆Power: 200W.
◆Alarm mode: Sound and light alarm, and automatic shutdown.
◆External dimensions (length×width×height㎜): 1500×W850×H950

High-Reliability Metal Detector Machine
Product Characteristics

1. The performance of the conveyor belt complies with the American Food Hygiene Standards (FDA) and can be directly used for the inspection of non-caking food.
2. It can work stably for a long time. The special design is suitable for harsh production environments with strong vibration and high interference. Even if the probe is tapped lightly, the alarm will not be missed.
3. Friendly user interface and easy operation. LCD Monitor.
4. Automatic balance calibration function ensures the service life of the machine.
5. Can be matched with assembly line operations or automatic control devices.
6. Alarm mode: sound and light alarm, automatic stop running.
7. Automatic rejection equipment can be installed according to customer requirements.

Intelligent High-Sensitivity Metal Detector Machine
Specific Application

Company Profile

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1.Before packaged, the machines will be tested strictly to guarantee the stability and high accuracy.
2.After tested, the machines will be wrapped with plastic sheet and carefully packed in wooden cases.
Packing Detail:
1.Each Machine with plastic film package first, then placed in a wooden case, wooden case with a foam filling.
2.We loaded the truck with heavy trucks for loading the cargo to the harbor terminal.At the dock we pack the goods in containers and ship them abroad.

After Sale Service

Q1: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
A: We are the manufacturer. We have a professional factory in Guangdong, China, producing various packaging machines, automatic metal detectors, dynamic checkweighers, automatic weighing and labeling machines, etc.
Q2. Do you sell the accessories of the product?
Answer: Yes. We can provide spare parts for customers who have problems with the minimum cost.
Q3. How about the product packaging? Is it easy to damage during transportation?
A: We are packaged with a plywood box, which is enough for transportation.
Q4. What is your after -sales policy?
Answer: Customer first is our principle. All of our products have a 12 -month warranty period. We provide necessary video guidance for daily issues. If the machine encounters a lot of problems, our technical engineers can support overseas services.
Q5. Do you accept the customer logo and customization?
A: We support a variety of ODM/OEM. If you have this need, please contact us at any time to customize the suitable machine.

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