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Customized Ramp Type Metal Detector Machine

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Product Summarize

Customized Ramp Type Metal Detector Machine is a type of metal detection equipment designed to be easy to use and integrated into a variety of industrial applications. Metal detectors can detect magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities, even if the metal is embedded in the product, it can also detect and protect downstream equipment.Welcome to consult for quotation information!

Customized Ramp Type Metal Detector Machine
Product Parameter

Detection sensitivity: in empty state
H-100mm: Fe≥Φ0.8mm, Non-Fe≥Φ1.5mm, SUS≥Φ1.5mm
H-120mm: Fe≥Φ0.8mm, Non-Fe≥Φ1.5mm, SUS≥Φ2.0mm
H-150mm: Fe≥Φ1.0mm, Non-Fe≥Φ1.5mm, SUS≥Φ2.0mm
H-200mm: Fe≥Φ1.2mm, Non-Fe≥Φ2.0mm, SUS≥Φ2.5mm
Effective detection hole width: 150-1000mm customized according to requirements
Effective detection hole height: 80-500mm customized according to requirements
Maximum speed of conveyor belt: 25m/min
Conveyor belt material: food grade PU belt
Protection class: IP65
Display and operation mode: LED falt key input
Machine weight: about 120kg
Power requirements: AC220V 50HZ
Power: 200W
Alarm mode: metal detection, alarm belt stop or automatic removal
Dimensions: about L1500×W850×H950mm

Product Characteristics

1. Function: Set various required functions and modes, and set up self-test function.
2. Sensitivity: divided into gears, adjustable to increase or decrease.
3. When trace amounts of metal are detected, sound, light, and instruments will alarm at the same time, and unqualified products will automatically stop.
4. It has a self-checking function. You can check whether the instrument is normal by yourself to avoid unnecessary maintenance.
5. The whole machine is made of industrial stainless steel, which is waterproof and rust-proof. It is hygienic and easy to clean.
6. The conveyor belt is environmentally friendly. Food-grade conveyor belt, suitable for temperatures ranging from -20C to 65C, making it easy to work in the refrigerated area.
7. If it contains aluminum foil or film-coated packaging, it is appropriate to inspect it before packaging.

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