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Customized Check Weigher Solutions According to Customer Requirements

33 Read Updated:2024-06-21

In manufacturing, quality control is paramount. This is where customized Check Weigher Solutions come in. They are machines designed to automatically check the weight of products as they move along a production line.
If you are looking for a compact,accurate and cost-effective solution to check product weights, choose the Shanghai Shigan series of Checkweighers​. Thanks to their robust construction and high-quality materials, all scales are extremely reliable, so maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

Operation & Control
A conveyor ensures that products on the input side of the checkweigher are conveyed through the weighing section. There their weight is checked.
Products that meet the weight standards you set are transported further to the output side, while products that do not meet these standards are moved laterally from the product flow to plastic and stainless steel “reject” collection boxes.
For operation, you can use a 7 or 10-inch touch screen, depending on requirements, with friendly human-machine dialogue. Parameter details can be adjusted, 100 product parameters can be pre-stored, and products can be changed in just a few seconds.
Depending on the model, the weighing capacity is a minimum of 2 grams and a maximum of 50 kg.
Accuracy:±0.3g-0.5g Depends on product
The conveyor speed is a maximum of 110 m/min, suitable for approximately 300 products per minute.

There are many benefits to using customized check weighers, including:
Reduced product giveaway: By ensuring that products are filled to the correct weight, you can reduce the amount of product that is given away to customers.
Improved brand reputation: By providing consistent quality products, you can help to improve your brand reputation.
Reduced waste: By catching underfilled or overfilled products early in the production process, you can help to reduce waste.
Increased production efficiency: Customized check weighers can help to improve production efficiency by automating the weighing process.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when designing a customized check weigher solution, including:
The type of product being weighed
The weight range of the product
The required throughput speed
The level of accuracy required
The available space
The budget
By investing in a check weigher, you can improve your product quality, reduce waste, and increase production efficiency.


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