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What is a Soft/Hard Capsule Online Sample Weight Checker?

41 Read Updated:2024-05-22

A Capsule Tablet Sampling Check Weigher is a device used in pharmaceutical manufacturing to ensure the weight consistency of capsules and tablets.
Here’s how it typically works:
Sampling: Instead of weighing each individual capsule or tablet, which can be time-consuming and impractical in high-volume production, the check weigher samples a certain number of capsules or tablets from each batch. The number of samples and the frequency of sampling are determined by regulatory requirements and internal quality control standards.
Weighing: The sampled capsules or tablets are then weighed individually or in groups by the check weigher.
Comparison: The measured weights are compared against predefined acceptable weight ranges.
Decision Making: Based on the comparison results, the check weigher makes a decision about whether the batch meets the required weight specifications. If the sampled capsules or tablets fall within the acceptable weight range, the batch is typically considered to be in compliance. If any samples fall outside the acceptable range, further investigation may be needed to determine the cause and whether the batch can be released for distribution or needs to be rejected.
Overall, Capsule Tablet Sampling Check Weighers play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and consistency of pharmaceutical products by detecting variations in weight that could impact dosage accuracy and effectiveness.


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