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Automatic Online Professional Grade Weighing Machine for Boxed Product

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Product Introduction

The primary function of Automatic Online Professional Grade Weighing Machine for Boxed Product is to ensure that the weight of a box or package falls within acceptable limits. This helps in identifying underweight or overweight items, which can be critical in industries such as food and pharmaceuticals where precise weights are often mandated by regulations.

Weighing Machine for Boxed Product

Technical Parameters

Weighing scope:3-500g
Restriction of procuct:L:100 W:150 H:2-150(mm)
Accuracy:±0.01g(Depends on products)
Division scale:0.01g
Highest speed:450pcs/min
Belt weidth:150mm
Belt Speed:0-110m/min
Weight of machine:about 140kg
Power supply:AC220V±10%50HZ
Power:about 200W
Main material:SUS304

Professional Grade Weighing Machine
Main Features

1. Touch screen human-machine dialogue
2. Chinese and English interface operation
3. Weight compensation function
4. Bar charts and curve charts are used by customers to analyze product qualification rates
5. Three-level operation authority management, supporting self-set passwords
6. Can store 100 product formula presets
7. Multiple ways to eliminate unqualified products
8. A box pressing device can be installed

Automatic Online Weighing Machine

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After Sale Service

1.Product quality commitment
(1).There are quality records and testing data for the manufacture and testing of products.
(2).For the inspection of product performance,we sincerely invite users to inspect the whole process and performance of the product in person.After the product is confirmed to be qualified,it will be packaged and shipped.
2.the product price commitment
Under the same competitive conditions, our company will sincerely provide you with a preferential price on the basis of not reducing the technical performance of the product or changing the product components.
3. Delivery time commitment
Product delivery time: as far as possible according to user requirements,if there are special requirements, it needs to be completed in advance,and strive to meet user needs.

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